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Diving in Covariance and Variance from an idea of building a Virtual Teaching Assistant

Updated: May 12

I have ideas and sometimes those ideas with limited knowledge supports. In order to make something happen. My advisor, Yue recommend me to learn "Covariance and Variance". Yue threw me a question like below. He asked X is n by n matrix, what Y is.

I have no concept what the symbol X with a bar on the top and what the X' represents!!!

So, I start my journey to learn standard deviation...

Standard Deviation: mathematical symbols [sigma] 𝝈

Whisper: 为什么我们要学“方差”?什么是“差”?事件是可以测量的吗?我们可以预测未来吗?什么是“正常现象”?什么是”少数显现“?到底偏离正常多少,我们可以预测吗?如果98%都是可以预测的,那么我们是不是就可以成为“先知”?如果你说,你害怕预测未来,那个未来还是要发生吗?如果发生我们该怎么办?



If I cannot apply this function or concept to approach to my idea, I may never can understand and remember it at all. Since I need to predict "students intent", I need to figure out the students speech and intent? To what extent a specific "word" relate a clean "intent"? How to calculate it? with I should say I need to better understand how computer predict students practical intentions.

Here I found a video. I like the design and animation. Here you go:

The intuition tells me those concept will help...

(5/21 is my due day to tell my story to Yue) !!!!!!!!

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