These two projects mainly focused on the real needs of Partnership Programs Students who will continue 2 years of study at California State University San Bernardino after 1 or 2 years of studies in their home country Universities. The website and tutorial videos in order to provide the students with self-paced learning of CSUSB's academic system and campus resources. 

ETEC544 Group Project

Introduction and Context

ETEC544 provide us a group work project which was specially designed for CSUSB Partnership Program Students who were 93% from China and 7% from Vietnam. There are three tutorial videos to guide the audience

  • to perceive graduate requirements

  • to pay tuition online without a convenience fee

  • to download free software using coyote ID


  • It was a great experience to work as a team; 

  • How to maintain and update the project tortured us much more than initiate design and development;

  • Language friendly might be a big issue for concern.

Analysis Plan
Analysis Report
Design Document
Beta Test
Development Document
ETEC644 Personal Project
The personal project of ETEC644 made me realized the importance of a functional team. At the beginning of this quarter, I thought it might be easier to work alone with my familiar topics. However, at least 3 times I thought of changing topic because of the manpower shortage. As a novice as an instructional designer, it was too easy to plan a huge project disregarding the time and hands restraints. If it doesn’t consider the website design issue and only focus on the subject learning, I feel absolutely satisfied and cheerful. No pain, no gain. People often learn and remember from their failures or sufferings.

I often asked myself what can be continuous motivation for me to do a website. Is it for getting an “A” in Dr. Baek’s course? Or I can figure out a solution to solve CISP’s real problem? 

All three may account for my motivations, but the last one might be the toughest one. Sometimes, it almost stopped me to complete the project. Luckily, I finally approached the evaluation phase and I realized it was not difficult to get my supervisor’s supports and gradually found there were more colleagues curious about the quality of service. Hence, the most important lesson learned from the project is to know how to figure out the real needs of an organization. 

Analysis Report