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I am Yutong Liu from mainland China. After graduated in 2003 (B.A. of Engish literature), I worked as a social news journalist for 4 years in Shaanxi TV station. From 2006 to 2015, I gained rich experiences in Public Relations of the auto industry in Beijing. The clients I served included BMW, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Acura, Hoda, etc.  

In March 2017, my family moved to Los Angeles.  I chose my master's program in Instructional Technology at CSUSB. The program not only enhanced my competencies of online learning courses design with innovative educational technologies but also provided me solid knowledge and methods on how to conduct educational research.

I believe education can provide people hope, can make the world a better place, and can purify our hearts.  As an educator, I make every effort to nurture students' life-long learning habits via active learning pedagogies and immersive technologies. As an instructional designer, I mainly focus on constructing a playable learning and teaching community to appropriately connect learners and instructors.