" Hi, there! I'm happy to invite you to Yutong Liu's MetaWorld! This is going to be an event unlike any other, bringing us together through this new digital format. I put together something truly special and can’t wait to have you take part."

2021 Fall: EDUCAUSE Poster Presentation: 

  • Topic: From Musume to Your Living Room

  • Tools:  3DVista, 360 cameras(Ricoh Theta Z1 & QooCam 8K)

  • Presentation Highlights: Using A-frame to build a webAR APP to use 3D model + video texture to deliver my poster introduction. 

2021 Spring: CalTech XR Conference Mozilla Hubs Project Lead: 

Official Website: www.calstatetechxr.net/ 

  • Leading CSUSB xREAL lab to design and build 5 Virtual Reality Mozilla Hubs space

  • Produced 4 related tutorial videos for the conference participants to use and navigate in the VR space 

  • Orgnize and train the team to provide VR environment tech support 

XR Integration in Teacher Candidate Education

Official Website: https://www.csusb.edu/xr-integration-teacher-candidate-education

  • Proposed and develop a VR course simulation for Dr. Kathleen Phillips

  • Produced related tutorial videos for Dr. Kathleen Phillips and her students

  • Offered 4 hours zoom class supports 

  • Conducted Mozilla Hubs Educational research with Dr. Kathleen Phillips

  • Edit Official website for Dr. Kathleen Phillips

2020 Spring: 

Build and publish 2 360-degree Virtual Tours  

Projects website: ​

  • Kinesiology Department Virtual Tour

  • Center for Global Innovation

2020 Fall: 

Build and publish 4 360-degree Virtual Art Exhibition for CSUSB MFA students 

Projects website: ​

  • Revolving CSUSB MFA Group Exhibition

  • We Are the Gold

  • Pink Fantasy

  • The Story I'm Telling Myself